Sustainability is about ensuring you can sustain yourself, your family, your business or community economically, environmentally and socially now and into the future.

It’s often considered an objective, but we also see it as a journey – one which can see individuals, families, businesses and communities undergo a radical transformation (which is why our logo is that of an infinity symbol – depicting this never ending evolution and journey.)

Corporate Sustainability usually refers to a framework business use to measure and manage their performance. It has different terms for different organisations. Some call it Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR – doing more than you are legally bound to to. We like to think of it as “doing well by doing good” – a term coined by our good friend and global sustainability leader Ray Anderson, who turned his carpet manufacturing company Interface, into one of the world’s most sustainable businesses. Interface has prospered every step of their journey – saving water, energy and other natural resources that end up as waste = money, from day one. Along the way they have built resilience, reputation and goodwill that no amount of slick marketing could ever have achieved – and become an employer of choice.

Our goal at MOSS is to help organisations and communities plan for the future, to ensure safe, healthy, productive businesses and thriving communities that contribute to society and the environment rather than burden it. 

As our name implies – we provide models of success and sustainability, to help drive competitive business success.  Whether you are a government agency, community organization, small business or multinational we have tools and programs to assist you.

Getting Started

Getting started is not as hard or as expensive as you think.  In fact is likely to save you money and or bring benefits from the onset.

It usually starts with an audit (where are you now – what are your impacts – where do you want to go), establishment of a shared vision, development of a road map, sustainability policy and plan.

What results can you expect?

When sustainability leads strategy and is embedded into day to day operations and culture, it will:

  1. Save you Money – expect savings right across the board on energy (and carbon), water, paper, chemicals, waste avoidance, sick leave and recruitment costs.
  2. Build your Reputation and Resilience – providing employee, consumer and community goodwill, earning your licence to operate and prosper.
  3. Build People – helping you recruit and retain quality staff as well as building the capacity of its collective stakeholders including staff and the communities in which you operate.
  4. Build the Business – minimise risk management, provide innovation and competitive advantage.  It will also avoid costs and give you greater access to capital and financial performance.

MOSS provides a diverse range of products and services including (but not limited to): 

add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Environmental auditing and diagnostic services and or the provision of DIY tools and frameworks to measure and manage your environmental and social impacts.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Benchmarking and certification.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Carbon management + carbon neutrality. This can include Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) of products and or buildings.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Tools and technologies to assist you to innovate and save money.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Staff surveys and or audits.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Board mentoring and strategy.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Change management programs.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Establishment of green teams, coaching and mentoring.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Assistance with greening your supply chain.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Staff, community and supply chain education and training where required on a wide range of subjects.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Spot health checks and consulting.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Integrated Reporting (using GRI).
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Award submissions, PR and marketing. We are specialists at how to “Communicate CSR and Sustainability” having co-developed the global principles now used by the UNFCCC, EU, OECD and World Economic Forum.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon CSR, sponsorship and community investment analysis.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Sponsorship evaluation services.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Stakeholder mapping and engagement.
add, correct, done, go, ok, tick, yes icon Identification of new revenue streams, markets and clients.

We also partner with a range of venture capitalists and impact investors, who can help fund renewable energy, company expansion or bring your innovation to market.

You would not think of establishing a business or doing a tax return without an accountant, so save yourself time and money by coming to the sustainability experts from the get-go. And if we can’t help you, we will point you in the direction of the people who can!

A vision without a plan is just a dream. So let us help get you started or support your journey regardless of the stage you are at.

Call us today on +61 3 987 99886 or 0419 798 104 or email us on to set up a time to explore how we can help.