Vortex Processing Technology (VPT) is already delivering a wide range of commercial benefits to customers who want water quality, water efficiency and a range of fluid processing solutions. Some key commercial applications include:

Other commercial applications of Vortex Processing Technology

VPT has moved out of the laboratory and into commercial and industrial applications across Europe and in the USA. It's a fundamental shift in water processing and purification technology - a design shift on the scale of the move from transistors to silicon chips in the computer industry.

[unrecognized beecos tag: {link http://www.h2ovortex.com/realice.html REALice TM}] delivers ice improvements and cost reductions

REALice is a complete water system for Ice Rink Water Treatment. Rated as one of the Top 20 Technologies and Trends of 2015 by E.Source it removes air bubbles improving ice quality - delivering harder, clearer ice.

VPT also delivers a better surface with less hot water consumption and lower energy costs. You can reduce your overall energy (and carbon) by up to 80%.

Lime scale reductions also deliver lower maintenance costs. Learn more here in this short video.

Algae control in fountains, ponds, natural swimming pools and water features

Oxygen in the water supply combined with vortex movement controls and prevents algae in fountains, ponds, natural swimming pools and water features.

After VPT treatment, algae lose their fresh green colour and deteriorate, enabling easier removal. VPT also enables more efficient filtration. This is the same way that creeks and rivers do water treatment.

Emerging uses for Vortex Processing Technology

The applications of VPT are expanding, as the fundamental efficiency improvements it delivers are explored in different industries. Applications currently include but are not limited to:

Watreco's FlowMixer aeration units enables agile, flexible implementations of aquaculture in the shallow ponds often used in land based aquaculture. FlowMixer units are energy efficient and operate on a limited supply for pumping, so VPT integrates with off-grid renewable energy sources and can be used in remote locations. The particle separation capabilities demonstrated in ongoing VPT testing has been identified as a potential solution for efficient removal of solids in aquaculture wastewater.  An application of this technology in Mexico found it increased production 10 fold. Discover more information at our VPT for Aquaculture page.

Fire fighting
In early trials, VPT water with its increased heat transfer capacity has shown indications that it substantially reduces the time taken to control and extinguish fires.

Ice and snow making
VPT increases the efficiency of ice-making. The degassed water from VPT enables snowmaking to produce powder snow and harder ice. Discover how...

River recovery
A key determinant of river water quality is oxygen. Poor quality water is oxygen-starved.  FlowMixer aeration units using VPT technology can improve river water quality.

Sewage and waste water treatment
Watreco VPT is being used in various stages of current waste water processes. Capabilities have been proven in laboratory testing that increase the efficiency of mechanical, biological and chemical elements of waste water processing. The mixing and aeration capabilities of the FlowMixer unit optimise the mixing of precipitant chemicals.

VPT has been demonstrated to improve sludge, silt and sand removal. The IVG unit's degassing capability supports biological treatments that use anaerobic bacteria. FlowMixer aeration also supports and improves aerobic processing elements of biological treatment.

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