Vortex Processing Technology (VPT) prevents the lime scale that damages plumbing, screens and appliances (and makes bathrooms, windows and glass a nightmare to clean).

If you use bore water or live in an area where there are high calcium levels in the water supply and are tired of replacing expensive appliances and pipes, scrubbing showers, costly plumbing repairs and permanently marked screens, walls and windows, VPT can help as it:
- Changes the viscosity of the water and thus means the lime scale particles can no longer stick to surfaces
- Makes water soft with out the need for chemicals
- Requires less washing-up liquid, soaps and detergents
- Uses less energy
- Extends the life time of pipes and other equipment
How does it work?

The concept behind VPT is to allow fluid to self-organize into an ordered vortex movement utilizing the design of the vortex chamber and the pressure of the water.  The strong hydrodynamic force in the vortex generator creates cavitation, changing the water chemical balance and lime crystal structure and eliminating air bubbles.Soluble forms of calcium such as calcium bicarbonate (CaHCO3)2 put through this vortex are transformed into calcite and aragonite, which does not attach to pipes, nozzles or other surfaces and thus lime scale is eliminated.

The Watreco Industrial Vortex Generator (IVG) delivers a well-defined and controlled vortex at a considerably lower pressure and flow. The vortex generator shapes the fluid flow in three stages:

1. Preformer.
The inlet of the vortex generator provides a smooth outward direction of the flow through toroidal motion toward a set of well-defined channels.

2. Channels.
After the preformer, the fluid is directed through a set of channels, each with vortex-forming geometry. Each channel delivers a jet stream of vortex flow into a vortex chamber.

3. Vortex chamber.
In the vortex chamber, the vortices from the channels are wound together, similar to the way a rope is spun together from a set of threads. A strong and stable vortex flow is formed inside the chamber, causing a strongly reduced pressure along the vortex axis.

Depending on the application, the vortex chamber can have different shapes. This small IVG - the IVG 1300(shown left) is typically used with low pressure (3 bars) and volume in the home. It can however guaranteed for use up to 22 bar (and can withstand up to 45 bar). Larger IVGs are available to for installation at the mains for resorts, large apartment blocks etc.

If you live in an apartment and can't get the body corporate to install a system to support the whole building, then these small light weight but sturdy plug and play devices can be installed at the water meter for your individual apartment. For maximum use, you are also be to install one at the exit point of your hot water system (as water sitting in your hot water tank for more than 24 - 48 hours will see air bubbles return - meaning lime scale will then stick to your shower etc rather than being rendered as a powder you can wipe away.)

The Watreco vortex generator has no moving parts, continuously processes fluids and requires a minimum of maintenance.  It is manufactured in Sweden using 3D printing technology that is able to generate a well-defined and controlled vortex at lower pressure.

The IVG is made of PA2200 on the basis of Polyamide 12. It is bio Compatible following EN ISO 10993-1 and USP level 121C and is approved for direct food contact EU directive 2002/72/EC. It's typical service temperature is -40C to +80C ( maximum mechanical strength).

Discover how Ving Resort and Club Del Sol in Spain were able to eliminate lime scale, save time and money.

Most focus of the IVG in Europe and the USA has been on eliminating lime scale in cooling towers with out the need for toxic chemicals, but here in Australia, we have a broader range of lime scale problems - with the greatest problem being homes, rural properties and resorts that use bore water or where water quality (like WA) has a high proportion of calcium.

Which IVG will protect your home or business?

To best assist you and to determine what size IVG is required for your property, just give us a call on 03 98799886 or download and fill out this simple questionnaire as we need basic information on flow rates, pressures, how your water system is set up, to determine which IVG unit will best suits your needs to protect your pipes, your appliances, walls and much much more!

IVG's also eliminate air bubbles, making the water wetter, allowing you to use less water in the garden to keep your grass green and grow your veges.  Less water pumping also reduces energy costs - so a home IVG when using a bore SAVES YOU MONEY, WATER, TIME and HEART ACHE!
It's not essential, but for best results and maximum equipment protection, we recommend cleaning your pipes before your IVG unit is installed.
The IVG comes with a 5 year warranty.

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