Nature has been purifying water and making it better for growing things for aeons. Rivers do it all the time with whirlpools - more technically known as vortices. Vortex Processing Technology (VPT) has become a known, controllable science being delivered in a range of productive, profitable commercial applications by Watreco in partnership with MOSS. In the same way that silicon chips power a range of computing devices, Watreco VPT products deliver a wide range of results depending on how and where they're used - in applications from fish farms to cooling towers and river recovery.

Key deliverables include:

1) Increased water and energy efficiency
2) Improved water quality
3) Degassing
4) Aeration

Two Watreco products are at the core of this next generation fluid processing technology - the Industrial Vortex Generator (IVG) and the FlowMixer.

Commercial Vortex Processing Technology Applications

FlowMixer and IVG units substantially change the properties of water and other liquids across a wide range of industries - and applications are developing all the time. Some key applications with proven results include:

  • Improving cooling tower performance with increased energy efficiency, water efficiency and reduced chemical usage. See Cooling Tower VPT for more information.
  • Improving agricultural performance through water efficiency and crop productivity. See Agriculture VPT for more information.
  • Preventing lime scale damage in commercial and residential premises. See Eliminate Limescale with VPT for more information.
  • Improving irrigation efficiency for golf courses. See Golfcourse VPT for more information.

Other applications can be reviewed here.

Industrial Vortex Generator (IVG)

The IVG has a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, from descaling cooling towers without the need to use chemicals to increasing agriculture and acquaculture yields. The IVG is designed to produce a controlled vortex that:

  • Decreases water viscosity, reducing the energy required to move it through pipes and hoses
  • Increases electrical conductivity
  • Increases heat transfer capacity
  • Crystalises and grinds down calcium particles to prevent lime scale
  • Removes air bubbles (degassing)
FlowMixer Aeration and Mixing

FlowMixer units have a wide range of applications, from fish farming and sewage treatment to aerating dead river systems to improve river health before water pours into our oceans.

The vortex process technology (VPT) inside FlowMixer units are specifically designed to:

  • Increase oxygen through aeration
  • Produce micro and nano droplets
  • Improve the mixing of liquids

VPT has moved out of the laboratory and into commercial and industrial applications across Europe and in the USA. It's a fundamental shift in water processing and purification technology - a performance shift similar in scale of the move from transistors to silicon chips in the electronics industry.  H2O Vortex is the global distributor for all Watreco products.   In the Asia Pacific region, MOSS is the licensee.  If you would like to be come a local distributor - give us a call on +61 3 98799886 to discuss how you can get involved.

Watreco was awarded the Clean Technology Company of the Year in 2009 in Sweden. In 2011 it was recognised by WWF as a Climate Solver.  REALice was identified as a Top 20 for 2015 with the IVG Cooling Tower Application accepted into the EU 2020 Horizon Program to receive incentives from the EU for installation. Various ulitility companies across Canada and North America also provide goverment rebates for installation.

Where else could YOU use Vortex Processing Technology?

Where do you need lime scale control, water efficiency, energy efficiency, better mixing, degassing or aeration? Where do you have fluid processing challenges and opportunities? Where could this next generation technology make a difference for you?

VPT can be applied from fire fighting to concrete production, so if you've got a fluid-processing challenge then talk to us.

More Information

For more information on the various applications of VPT click here or contact Leigh or Anne-Maree at MOSS via email or call Leigh on 0417124910 to find out whether VPT could save you money or make you money.