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Thanks for joining us for yesterdays MOSS UNFCCC Cancun Briefing in Sydney – hosted by SAI Global.  We hope you gained great value from your attendance and that the following speaker notes and references are a great resource for you and your organisation.  We ask that you use them freely to brief your stakeholders – however please respect the source and credit the contributor accordingly.

Ilona Millar Baker and McKenzie presentation can be found here.
Wayne Sharpe Carbon Trade Exchange presentation can be found here.
Anne-Maree Huxley’s presentation can be found here.

Other references include:
A presentation by Dan Ormond Ideas Shop on Communicating Climate Change can be found here. His blog from Cancun with links to all the communication forums are a great resource.

Download  The Cancun Communique, Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) StatementEmissions Gap Technical Report,Final statement from the UNFCCC

The post Cancun Analysis produced by the Climate Group gives an excellent plain english summary of the outcomes and findings.

Details on the World Mayors Summit on Climate can be found at www.wmsc2010.org.  You can also access Siemens Green Cities Index.

You can download a preview of Climate Capitalism by L.Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen Phd at http://bit.ly/climatecap and get details on the new standards for product and supply chain greenhouse gas accounting and reporting from the World Resources Institute  

If you’d like to see the interviews with negotiators and observers, they’re available at http://www.climate-change.tv/cctv-videos/guide-to-further-content.  Additionally, The Climate Change Studio got to speak to representatives from over 130 NGOs, IGOs and Parties. Their diverse messages can be accessed at www.climate-change.tv/category/unfccc-inside/cop16-2010.  You can also download highlights from the roundtable with the International Chamber of Commerce on Setting Conditions and Mobilising Finance.

Highlights from the side event Acting on Climate Change can be found at http://www.climate-change.tv/acting-on-climate-change-the-un-delivering-as-one featuring UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres, and UNDP Administrator, Helen Clark feature.

The recent announcement on the Australian Carbon Tax can be found here.

Transitioning a company, a council or a community is not an easy task and starts with Leadership. If anyone would like support gaining buy in from stakholders, help to establish priorities, a strategy and or assistance with minimising your footprint and your exposure to a carbon tax, feel free to call us – we are here to help you.

Best regards
Anne-Maree Huxley – Founder and CEO MOSS
Ilona Miller – Senior Associate Baker and McKenzie
Wayne Sharpe – Founder and CEO Carbon Trade Exchange