It was great to have you attend last weeks SUSTAINABILITY Strategy, Engagement and Communication MasterClass. It’s a BIG subject so it’s with pleasure I now provide you links to the various videos and reports referenced throughout the workshop, as well as a few other resources I think you will find of value – especially as every organisation has different needs. I hope you enjoy them and that they add value to your thinking and can support you to get a better ROI for your sustainability programs.

I ask that you DO NOT share this page with others or post its contents. You are welcome however to use and or share the individual resources with colleagues provided you credit the source.

Websites, Reports and or Publications Referenced

The Principles for Successful Green Growth and Sustainability Communication as developed as part of the 2011 Green Growth Leaders forum in Copenhagen can be found here.

Sizzle – the new Climate Message from Futerra. This guide outlines in detail the new 4 part narrative: Vision – Choice – Plan – Action. Research shows if you use the new narrative with good communications tactics, it can be excitingly powerful. This narrative and it’s research strongly influenced the The Principles for Successful Green Growth and Sustainability Communication.

Guide to Sustainia can be found here.

Globescan 2016 Annual survey on Sustainable Business Leaders

Globescan 2017 9th Annual survey or sustainable business leaders

Globescan 2017 Brand Puropse in Divided Times

Drivers of an Authentic Purpose.The Power of Purpose. This IMD Business School and Burson-Marsteller’s study identifies the key drivers of authentic corporate purpose.

EY 2017 Report on Purpose How can purpose reveal a path through uncertaintly.

Results of the annual Trust Barometer

2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study by Cone Communications.
2015 Cone Global CSR Study by Cone Communications.
2017 Cone Global CSR Study by Cone Communications

United we Stand: Eco Pulse 2017 Special Report  from Shelton PR – words that unite and words that divide.

Buzz on Buzzwords: Eco Pulse 2015  Do green buzzwords work on consumers? What do consumers really understand? This is the 8th annual Eco Pulse study of American Consumers by Shelton Group.

Larry Finks Letter from Blackrock to CEO’s of Europes biggest companies.

Elon Musk email sheds light on communication philosophy to break down silos.

5 Behavioral Economics Principles Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore –  Article by Forbes Magazine.

World Economic Forum 2017 Annual Shapers Survey can be found here.

Foundation for a Better Life Resources can be found here.

Employee Engagement. In whatever form and by whatever name, employee engagement is a powerful tool for integrating environmental thinking into company operations. Find out how green teams can be a powerful tool for helping to identify and implement opportunities to integrate environmental thinking into company operations. Take particular note of the resources as part of The Business Case for Environmental and Sustainability Employee Education. Download it here. This is of cause more to do with strategy than communication – however its a subject that always cames up as an issue – so enjoy the many resources and white papers this doc offers.

High Impact Goals – Targeting Value Report by SustainAbility This report identifies several key barriers to setting high-impact goals, as well as potential ways to overcome these challenges. It also identifies lessons to apply and pitfalls to avoid when designing high-impact goals.

SDGs the Global Goals creates at least US$12 trillion in opportunities.

25 websites to find original Royalty FREE stock photos can be found here.

Transparency Label Insight Transparency Study reveals how important brand transparency is.

The Power Of Hero Image Design: 35 Striking Case Studies by Canva to inspire your own can be found here.

Sustainability Apps GreenBiz: 20 sustainability apps that made waves in 2013. Eco-Business Top 10 apps helping Asians live smarter and greener

App Developer.  For anyone looking for a company who can cost effectively provide them apps for marketing, employee engagement and promotional purposes – I can recommend Singapore based Australian – John Avenell, Owner/Managing Director – or Email or Phone +65 8421 1840 or +61 45000 4356. I have known John for many many years and have found him to be highly reputable. As there is a plethora of companies out there, I thought you might like a referal to a reputable app company.

The changing relationship between People and Goods.

The Ripple Effect: How to use the media for social change by Ripple Strategies.

Cranfield University How to build and tell the corporate sustainability story.

Pixars 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling

Content Marketing Playbook

Words that sell: How the public talks about sustainability by Futerra.

UNEP: Communicating Sustainability by Futerra.

DEFRA Games Theory: Behaviour change on a gold medal level by Futerra.

Living LOHAS Australian Research Overview by Mobium.

Harvard Business Review How to build connection with your team through photography 

Guide to using research in Sustainability Programs developed by the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation.

A Guide to evaluating environmental education projects and programs developed by the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation.

Campaigner_Guide.pdf Climate Messaging Guide: Cutting through the Climate Clutter by ACF, GetUp and the Climate Institute. Or try this link

Dr_Valerie_Brown_Collective_Social_Learning.pdfCollective Social Learning Overview by Dr Valerie Brown. If you have problems with the download – try

Towards the Circular Economy Reports by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, make the case for a faster adoption, quantify the economic benefits of circular business models, and lay out pathways for action.

Marks and Spencer Plan A and Marks_and_Spencer_200_eco_plan Plan A Launch Press Release. Plan A 2025 Commitments.

Interface Sustainability Journey

Royal Mail Sustainability

Painting the Town Green This comprehensive document is the outcome of a project set up with the backing of key environmental organisations to investigate how the ‘green movement’ can better communicate with the public and persuade and help people to adopt ‘green behaviours’.

Infographics. There are numerous companies who produce infographics. If you simply google Infographics, you will see a range of free software you can use to develop your own – or find an agency to do it for you!

Explainer Videos. There are numerous companies who produce explainer videos. If you simply google explainer videos, you will see a range of organisations who develop these. The starting price $5 through Fiverr.

Republic of Everyone and the Hero’s Handbook can be found on it’s own website at’s-handbook.aspx

UN Communicating Sustainability How to produce effective public campaigns. This guide shows how the power of communication can be harnessed for achieving the goal of promoting more sustainable lifestyles. It is designed to be read by local and national government authorities, and those who wants to develop and implement public awareness campaigns on these issues.

The Victorian Government also has a an array of resources available to help you understand and communicate sustainability.

UNEP Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications is the result of a thorough selection, which started with the viewing of over 40,000 ads. The campaigns highlighted in this Gallery address sustainability issues through various themes, tones, types of media and strategies. Some reflect companies’ public commitment towards social and environmental issues. Others feature awareness campaigns from public authorities. Some aim to favour the purchase of green products and services, others strive to change citizens’ or consumers’ attitudes. The Gallery also compiles case studies taken from existing UNEP publications like Communicating Sustainability and Talk the Walk.

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides, and the Interested Public.

Promoting Persuasion in Protected Areas a guide for managers who want to use strategic communication to influence visitor behaviour in protected areas.

Greenwashing Seven Sins of Greenwashing. And to play Name that Sin – refer

Videos either used or referenced

The simple show explains the Blue Economy

Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works to to accelerate the transition to a Circular Economy. It produces various reports, videos and training programs.

Sustainia – The video can be found at

M&S Plan A

Climate Dogs – Victorian Department of Primary Industries

NASA Gangham Style Parody

London’s Bees Need Help Campaign

Planning to make a fire plan is not a plan TV advertisement using humour to get engagement.

Sustainability at Unilever The Value Chain and Five Levers for Change.

The VW Fun Theory Videos including but not limited to The Bottle Bank, The Piano Stairs and the World’s Deepest Bin.

Vestas – Windmade

China’s Walk more drive less campaign This is an exceptional multi-award winning campaign for the China Environmental Protection Fund and a great example of how to make sustainability engaging, fun and desirable.

The story of Phil Bosua and his new LIFX lightbulb

Ray Anderson, Founder and former Chairman of Interface – one of the great corporate story tellers of our time.
The story begins – Utube clip from “The Corporation”

The Business Case for Sustainability and Love on the Factory Floor –

John Elkington plays tribute to Ray Anderson who was posthumously awarded the Outstanding Achievement award at the 2012 Guardian Sustainable Business Awards Interface is acknowledged as a global leader in sustainable business and the ultimate Hero Brand.

Sustainability in Action Ray Anderson at Bioneers  

Worn Wear: a Film about the stories we wear  by Patagonia  

This will no doubt keep you busy for a while. If there is anything I can do to help bring these to life within your organisation, just let me know. Please also let me know how you are going and if anyone has campaigns or programs they’d like to share, I’d love to receive them and share your stories with others.

Best regards
Anne-Maree McInerney