Stakeholder Engagement (Marketplace)

Alcatel-Lucent on developing trust and brand recognition with relevant stakeholders
Ethical Corporation, Market: UK, Year: 2015

Christine Diamente, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Alcatel-Lucent
Christine Diamente talks to the RBS 2015 audience about effective brand strategies, and winning over relevant stakeholders with improved brand awareness… Read more

IT guru says every successful strategy is a people strategy

Jennifer Pahlka/ Market: Global, Year: 2014

The late leadership guru Peter Drucker once wrote, “In any organization, regardless of its mission, the CEO is the link between the Inside, i.e., ‘the organization,’ and the Outside – society, the economy, technology, markets, customers, the media, public opinion.”

Last year, Code for America executive director Jennifer Pahlka took those words to heart and headed to Washington, D.C., for a one-year “fellowship” as U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Her goal: to better understand the public sector agency that the organization’s private-sector technology experts are trying to serve.Discover how every strategy needed to be a people strategy

Comment: Shareholder activism is stimulating drive towards responsible practice Market: Global, Year: 2014

Big business has rarely faced such intense scrutiny, not just from politicians, regulatory bodies and the media, but from individuals across Britain, still feeling the pinch from the financial crisis.Find out more…

The Product Mindset

UL Environment, Inc Market: Global, Year: 2014

The Product Mindset is the only global study of its kind, highlighting key findings and insights about the ways manufacturers and consumers think and make decisions about products. For the first time ever, key research findings and priority rankings from The Product Mindset are available for you to analyze, segment and explore through a new interactive tool. This years study reveals six key insights about what is shaping the buying choices consumers make, which is particularly relevant on Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.


 Innovative Techniques for Local Community Engagement on Climate Change Adaptation

Chris Riedy, Jade Herriman, Katie Ross, Aleta Lederwasch and Louise Boronyak, Market: Australia, Year: 2013

Climate change is obvious. Drought, bushfire and flooding often happen in Australia. To reduce greenhouse gas emission cannot be avoid from climate change.  This project, therefore, designed face-to-face activities and evaluated the activities in order to help vulnerable people in the community become more resilient by connecting them with resources and supportive network sand bring different materials about preparation for climate change to life.


“Business Trends 2013” Report To Help Global Leaders Energize Their Strategic Plans and Drive New Growth

Deloitte. Market: Global, Year: 2013

Report summarizes eight emerging trends with the potential to significantly impact global business

Business Trends 2013 is intended to help executives bolster strategic planning efforts, become more interconnected with customers and stakeholders and find opportunities for innovation and growth.


How Unilever crowd sourced creativity to meet its sustainability goals.

Unilever. Market: Global, Year: 2012

After the global consumer goods company published its Unilevers Sustainable Living Plan laying out ambitious sustainability goals, company leaders realized meeting those goals was going to be tough. So they got creative. Discover How Unilever crowdsourced creativity to meet its sustainability goals

And how listening to others and learning from our stakeholders as a matter of course, informs their decision-making, strengthens their relationships and helps them deliver their commitments and succeed as a business.

The Inclusive Business Challenge: Identifying opportunities to engage low income communities across the value chain.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Market: Europe, Year: 2009

The Inclusive Business Challenge is an easy-to-use presentation and simulation tool to help companies and stakeholders identify and implement models that profitably engage low-income populations across companies’ value chains and develop affordable products and services that meet the needs of low-income populations.

The tool aims to help companies raise awareness of the role of business in development and to introduce the challenges, drivers and principles of inclusive business. It presents good practice examples, and suggests ways to integrate inclusive business into company strategy. A key feature of the tool is in the simulation activity which is designed to be used in an interactive workshop setting to identify risks and opportunities in building inclusive business.

Stakeholder Engagement: A Road Map to Meaningful Engagement

School of Management, Cranfield University Market: UK, Year: 2009

A ‘how-to’ guide for busy managers on engaging NGO and community stakeholders – a key aspect for improving the practice of responsible management. />This guide is designed to be used as a visiting card and tool for advisory services work with companies.

Accountable Value

Market: Global, Year: 2004

This project examined changing expectations around accountability and sustainability and explored how companies might find value in the overlap between these twin forces. Both areas present businesses with new stakeholders and new connections. There are implementation challenges but also the opportunity to realize business value.



KPMG & Group of 100 – Sustainability Reporting: A Guide

Market: Australia, Year: 2008

Sustainability reporting has become mainstream, driven by the potential business value generated through enhanced stakeholder reporting and communication. This publication provides a guide for directors and senior executives on this important and rapidly developing issue.



The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Monitor 2007

Market: Global, Year: 2007

The CSR Monitor has been tracking the changing expectations of consumers, shareholders, employees, and Opinion Leaders annually since 1999. This research-based management tool monitors the external stakeholder views that affect CSR strategy development, and allows companies to make informed decisions on initiatives, strategies, and communications for their corporate citizenship programs.



Special report: reporting – Communications – How to measure what matters

Market: Global, Year: 2008

Companies should report on issues that matter to stakeholders, but many still don’t. The Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G3) highlight “materiality” as one of three key principles in defining report content, along with stakeholder inclusiveness and sustainability context. Put simply, materiality means reporting on what matters to stakeholders in your business.



BITC Guidance note for Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting

Market: UK, Year: 2009

Corporate Responsibility (CR) can help develop trust, build business, boost morale, create opportunities and reduce risks. And it has never been more important for companies to be communicating with their stakeholders to demonstrate leadership, their values and vision, successes and failures in CR.



Stakeholder perceptions presage holistic stakeholder relationship marketing performance

Market: Europe, Year: 2005

This research paper aims to measure marketing performance in a holistic sense. The result finds that stakeholder performance appraisal results to date indicate that a holistic stakeholder relationship marketing orientation that incorporates triple bottom line philosophy significantly enhances business financial performance beyond that achieved by a customer relationship marketing orientation.



Measuring Holistic Marketing Performance in a Stakeholder Relationship Marketing Model

As currently practised, relationship marketing has a strong customer emphasis which often neglects other stakeholders of businesses. To augment the prevailing customer relationship marketing paradigm, an holistic stakeholder relationship marketing paradigm is proposed in which holistic marketing performance is reflected in the delivery of long-term economic, social, and environmental value to customer, employee, supplier, community, and shareholder stakeholders of a business in order to enhance sustainable financial performance.



‘Publics’ or ‘Stakeholders’? – Performing Social Responsibility through Stakeholder Software

Government and corporate organizations increasingly seek the support of the communities where they operate and represent themselves as good corporate citizens with a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These organizations seek to create and sustain dialogue with their many and varied ‘stakeholders’ and reject traditional ‘PR’ approaches that regard communication as a way to manipulate ‘target publics’. Some of these organizations use a form of ‘stakeholder software’ to guide and support their efforts to embrace CSR in their operations and this article examines two such software packages. It sets their use and the broader drive for CSR in the context of a diminishing trust in traditional institutions and a rise in new, extra-parliamentary forms of activism (new activism); and it examines stakeholder software’s potential contribution to a values-based approach to PR training in universities and colleges.



Stakeholder Dialogue – The WBCSD’s approach to engagement

Market: Global

Stakeholder dialogue offers a tool to engage people in serious discussion, and a designed and facilitated process for groups to initiate dialogue with those persons and institutions that have a stake in their activities. This brochure provides the reader with a better understanding of the WBCSD dialogue experience. Stakeholder dialogue is an integral part of our work and is a powerful catalyst for change. It promotes greater transparency, information sharing and inspires society to work together.



Stakeholder Performance Appraisal (SPA)

Market: Global, Year: 2007

This article introduces you with the Stakeholder Performance Appraisal (SPA) by describing what it is, how to use and measure it, and the process to conduct it.