When most people think about the environment or sustainability they think green – but for many it’s considered too expensive and because of what is often a linear approach, green has proven to have many unintended negative consequences.

 A new business model that focuses on systems integration, inspired by nature with zero waste that underpins a more sustainable approach to economic development has emerged.  It’s called the  The Blue Economy and its shaping a new way to do business.

The Blue Economy is creating jobs (millions of them), solving problems, teaching us to be more entrepreneurial and collaborative working with what we have, opening the door to innovation led by physics, inspired by nature – building on the green economy – but doing it in a systemic way, with new business models and innovation, where there is zero waste, multiple new revenue streams and multiple benefits including building capital in all it’s forms. Through a systemic approach, standing on the shoulders of the Green Economy, the Blue Economy provides us the principles, methodologies, business models and technologies to deliver win:win solutions to a changing economic landscape in which resource depletion and social costs are untenable and unsustainable.

Its 100+ game changing innovations as presented to the Club of Rome, are set to generate 100 million new jobs in the next 10 years. These mostly disruptive and outcompeting models draw on the decennial works and the latest bodies of knowledge, research, experiments, and successful businesses of pioneering entrepreneurs, scientists and economists worldwide.



Whether you are an entrepreneur, manufacturer, miner, farmer, government, NGO, business advisor, sustainability consultant, small business or a multinational company – you need to know about the The Blue Economy to enable you to achieve your business goals in a way that reduces costs, builds resilience and generates value, whilst building capital in all it’s forms.

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