Looking for high-return water efficiencies that also deliver energy savings? Discover proven water efficiency solutions in use by companies like Heineken and Utility Southern Californian Edison – now available in the Asia Pacific region.

If you work in or have an interest in Cooling Towers, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Ice Rinks/Snow Fields, Cleaning River Systems/Ponds – this FREE webinar PODCAST is for you.

Every industry has technology innovations that take it to a new level of productivity. Silicon chips fundamentally changed the computer industry and digital technology changed the face of photography. This biomimetic technology is now changing how we clean and process water to gain significant water and energy efficiency – and MOSS is delighted to be able to share how you can tap into this game changing Blue Economy technology.

Over the last decade Sweden’s Watreco has developed Vortex Processing Technology which is in commercial use across Europe and entered the US market in 2014. The technology is an EU Horizon 2020 technology and has been validated by Southern California Edison and US authority Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

In this webinar recorded Thursday December 8, 2016 we share:

– the physics behind the technology
– existing commercial applications proven to save water and energy in industry and infrastructure applications (with a detailed case study on Cooling Towers)
– emerging applications for water processing efficiency

The session was facilitated by MOSS Founder and CEO Anne-Maree McInerney with guest speakers:

Håkan Grönlund: CEO & Co-Founder H2oVortex
H2oVortex (the distribution arm of Watreco) delivers solutions that will help you save water, save energy and reduce maintenance costs. H2oVortex/Watreco water treatment prevents and reduces calcium/lime deposits, the biggest cause of high maintenance on installations and machinery which come in contact with water. This reduces the maintenance costs and extends the life of all installations.

Tom Smolarek: President Cypress
Cypress has served clients for more than 23 years as an energy-consulting firm that simplifies the development and execution of efficiency and demand solutions for electric, gas and water utilities and their customers.

Paul Delaney: Senior Engineer at Southern California Edison (SCE)
SCE, the largest subsidiary of Edison International, is the primary electricity supply company for much of Southern California, USA. It provides 14 million people with electricity across a service territory of approximately 50,000 square miles. In addition, SCE operates a regulated gas and water utility.

You can download the slides HERE OR the full recording with slides 

Should you wish to receive specific case studies or reports discussed in the webinar, please email water@moss.org.au or call MOSS on 03 98799886 and we will send these to you. 

Many thanks for your interest in this game changing disruptive technology.