In August 2011, MOSS was contracted to deliver a series of workshops across Australia for Enterprise Connect.  We called the workshop series Innovating for Green Growth.  Here’s the presentation notes and references from the one day workshop, along with the podcasts from the 3 webinars that also made up this series.

I ask that you use these resources freely to inspire and educate others, but please acknowledge and reference the source.

Part One: Science, Policy and the Green Economy
Part Two: Tools for data collection, measurement and analysis
Part Three: Business Excellence, labelling and certification
Part Four: Procurement and Supply Chains
The Sustainability Challenge

As we all work towards a more sustainable future, it’s critical we build a solid business case.  Here’s some resources to assist:
Business in the Community – Business Case for being a Responsible Business
Business in the Community – Investing in future generations
World Business Council for Sustainable Development – The Green Race is On
KPMG Economist Corporate Sustainability Report
Changing the Carbon Conversation
AT Kearney Green Winners and other recent Sustainability Reports

Reports and References – GHG’s, Energy Efficiency, Energy water and waste software management
Energy and Carbon Emissions Management Platform (ECEM) to help you understand and control your energy and water consumption, lower your costs and manage your carbon emissions
ECMP City of Sydney Case Study
Barriers to Energy Efficiency – Pew Centre on Global Climate Change
Shop Floor to Top Floor Best Practice in Energy Efficiency Executive Summary – Pew Centre
For the full report and case studies refer Pew Centre on Global Climate Change
RTA Fuji Xerox Case Study
Wasteful consumption in Australia
Carbon Disclosure Cities Report

Sustainable Procurement Tools and Case Studies
How to Manage your supply chains responsibly
CIPSA Socially responsible Procurement
Marks and Spencer Supply Chain Management
Marks and Spencer 2011 Sustainability Report – How we do business
NAB Supplier Sustainability Principles
NAB Supplier Sustainability Principles FAQ

Additional Tools
How to write and Environmental Policy Template
Environmental Policy Example – Corporate Express
Building a Sustainability Road Map