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For more than a decade now, business, government and community organisations from around the globe have benefitted from average first year savings of 30 per cent for energy and waste streams, and 20 per cent savings for water consumption thanks to EarthCheck. That's akin to receiving a 30 and 20 per cent discount to major operating costs and the benefits can be seen in the bottom line!

With EarthCheck Benchmarking and EarthCheck Certification, sustainability is not the unwieldy, ambiguous subject it can appear to be.

From big business to small enterprises, the simplest of initiatives can be woven systematically into daily operations, minimising risk, maximising profit and improving your social economic and environmental performance.

"Using Earthcheck Science our hotels have saved an average reduction of water use of 15.3 litres per guest per night in our city; that's equivalent to 25.4 Olympic swimming pools. Over two years participating hotels in the EarthCheck program have saved the equivalent of 45 Olympic swimming pools."

Alex Fearnside - City of Melbourne, Australia

EarthCheck is a web-based solution that is suitable for both large and small organisations. It makes it possible to track and measure resource use and waste output, enhance design and operational efficiencies, and encourage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

EarthCheck complies with the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) 14064 range of standards for greenhouse gas accounting. Although originally developed for the tourism industry by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism, EarthCheck now expands beyond tourism into general business and industry.  Thousands of organisations from local governments to multinational organisations from across the globe have used EarthCheck to successfully improve social, economic and environmental performance.

The two entry points for businesses are; EarthCheck Assessed (costing roughly a dollar a day) and EarthCheck Certified (the cost equivalent of a cup of coffee a day). EarthCheck Assessed offers a good starting point for smaller businesses, while EarthCheck Certified offers maximum savings, is independently audited by a qualified third party and enables sector benchmarking.

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Ecologically Sustainable Design - EarthCheck Building and Precinct Planning and Design Standards
If you want to go beyond the basics, and are interested in bert practice building and precinct design standards, you should take a look at the EarthCheck Building and Precinct Planning Certification Program The EarthCheck Building and Precinct-Planning and Design Standards, are designed to assist local governments and developers in the early stages of planning and design of precincts, buildings and the associated infrastructure.
The aim is to achieve ecologically sustainable development (ESD).

You can't manage what you can't measure - EarthCheck supports Sustainable Comunities
Any community tackling the challenges of climate change and sustainability needs to be able to report on its progress and achievements. The EarthCheck Sustainable Communities Program has been designed to help communities measure their progress, benchmark performance against other communities, and provides global baselines, as well as the opportunity for certification of the community against an international Standard.  Learn what the Huatulco Bays in Mexico achieved.  Bahías de Huatulco - or Huatulco Bays - is Mexico's southernmost beachside destination, centred around the town of La Crucecita on the Pacific Coast where tourism is the lifeblood of the economy.

In 1999, Kaikoura District Council in New Zealand adopted the EarthCheck Sustainable Communities Program. This provided them with a framework to reduce the environmental impact of the community's activities upon the increasingly popular region. Kaikoura's spectacular scenery and natural beauty attract close to one million visitors annually. Residents share a common desire to protect nature's bounty and preserve it for future generations so it was no surpise they chose the EarthCheck environmental management system to help Kaikoura measure, monitor and manage the impacts of the town's broadranging activities.

EarthCheck Sustainability Challenge in Schools
When the Gold Coast City Council in Queensland wanted to both measure and better manage it's community footprint, it developed schools cirriculum using EarthCheck Science to achieve savings equivelant to taking out 92,000.

The EarthCheck Schools Program is a curriculum based learning tool that helps school students engage in active learning about environmental sustainability. Using a purpose-built online education tool designed for primary and secondary students, it provides hands-on learning experiences to improve bidodiversity,measure and reduce the carbon footprint, water and waste of homes.

Case Studies
Learn how organisations and communities from around the world have used the EarthCheck Certification to improve their performance.

Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong
Supporting Local Communities
Meliã Bali, Indonesia
Taj Residency Bangalore, India
Green Procurement
The Alto Hotel on Bourke
The Emporium Hotel in Brisbane
The Lane Cove River Tourist Park, Sydney
Orion Expedition Cruises
Rydges South Bank, Brisbane

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