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It's no surprise that some people simply do not want to talk about sustainability. Climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation are just some of the doomsday topics, along with a host of buzz words in the sustainability lexicon ("green," "eco-friendly," "sustainable") that have all become dirty words. Images of trees growing out of our hands and the negative impacts of climate change are also a big turn off.

You ask - so how do you engage stakeholders to change behavior? What images should you use? How do I wake my suppliers, customers, fellow employees or the board up to take note of the issues that you are passionate about or more importantly employed to address? How do I get the budgets and other resources I need?
Firstly people want desirable things - they want to be inspired. When you are faced with hell - you need to sell heaven!
So what's your vision (and I'm not talking about a bunch of words that sit on a statement handing up in the boardroom). Do you have a vision that is so grand, inspiring and detailed that everyone is aware of? Is everyone aligned to the same vision? How are you selling heaven? Do you have a plan for that? What's your narrative?
Communicating sustainability, carbon neutrality and or social empowerment can be a tough gig and for years many failed. But in the lead up to the Rio Earth Summit, after studying the barriers for more than a decade, Green Growth Leaders brought together a global team to pull together a set of principles, that would help business, government and community organisations finally get the cut through we all sought to address a plethora of social and environmental issues - that would then ultimately reverse the constant economic haemorrhaging everyone was facing..
I was fortunate to be part of that team and together we developed 9 Global Principles of How to Communicate Sustainability - a set of principles now being used by leading brands, community organisations - even governments with enormous success.
If you have responsibility for CSR/Sustainability and or stakeholder engagement, I'd like to share these 9 universal principles and a whole raft of other tools with you, to help you and your organisation build more meaningful relationships, loyalty and participation in your programs - that will not only allow you to fulfil your personal and professional goals, they can also help your organization take leaps and bounds in terms of corporate aspirations - saving valuable time, money and resources and helping to build trust, resilience and reputation.Join me as I deliver a two day, interactive MasterClass on how to engage stakeholders and communicate your CSR and or sustainability initiatives.MELBOURNE: Dec 4th and 5th @ Yarra Valley Estate
PERTH: Dec 7th and 8th @ Perth Zoo
SYDNEY: Jan 18th and 19th @ Interface
BRISBANE: April 19 and 20 @ Griffith University EcoCentre

Learn from global innovators and leaders, your peers and host venues.

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This is a very rare opportunity that is guaranteed to embolden, inspire and challenge the way to think about communicating sustainability, as well as give you the practical tools you need to make your organisation or brand a force for positive change in the world - so don't hesitate - BOOK YOUR TICKET TODAY as seats are strictly limited.

I've spent a lifetime in either marketing and or sustainability roles, and am thrilled to be sharing my many learnings with you. l hope you can join me.

Best regards
Anne-Maree McInerney
MOSS CEO and your MasterClass Facilitator

"I enjoyed the very targeted nature of the workshop. Thank you for providing real world examples. It's great information for government and policy advisors. It was a great 're-set' for my way of thinking/approach to climate change and sustainability. Gives me greater hope that the message can reach the coalition and unconvinced public." Karissa Domondon, Policy Advisor, Office of Hon Alannah MacTiernan MHR, WA

"God knows, when you work in sustainability, you need some inspiration from time-to-time and Anne-Maree provided that in bucket loads!  Not only does she have the passion and energy to keep you energised throughout the workshop, but she clearly knows her stuff when it comes to communications. If you work in sustainability or sustainable development and you keep banging your head with internal or external stakeholders, then you need to do Anne-Maree's Communicating Sustainability course." David Ross, Director - Phoenix Strategic Management

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