Watreco's Vortex Processing Technology (VPT) delivers substantial increases in water efficiency in golf course irrigation. WATRECO combines its two core technologies - IVG water treatment and spray production - to deliver:

  •  Shorter irrigation time (up to 50%) reducing irrigation costs and increasing  course  availability
  •  Increased water absorption by soil and plants, even on water repellent  soils
  •  Reduced water usage (up to 30% more efficient)
  •  Reduced water wastage in runoff
  •  Improved results where usage of grey water / effluent is required
  •  Less brown spot and fungal growth
  •  Reduced chemical usage (wetting agents no longer required)

Vortex Processing Technology - delivering GREENER golf courses

Our IVG units deliver cleaner, less viscous water that wets soil more efficiently - without the need for expensive wetting agents. The controlled vortex inside the IVG uses strong vibrations and high pressure to reduce the size and structure of sediment particles within the water, reducing brown spot and fungal issues.

The IVG spray unit delivers smaller, finer water droplets, maximising water penetration and absorption while reducing watering time and energy costs. In combination, Watreco's VPT units deliver greener, less expensive golf courses.

Do you want greener golf courses using less water, wetting agents, fungicides, energy and labour?

If you're interested in taking advantage of this next-generation efficiency solution to irrigate your golf course, then click the button below for more information or contact us via email or call Leigh on 0417124910.\

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