Stakeholder Engagement (Marketplace)

Stakeholder Engagement (Marketplace) Alcatel-Lucent on developing trust and brand recognition with relevant stakeholders Ethical Corporation, Market: UK, Year: 2015 Christine Diamente, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Alcatel-Lucent
Christine Diamente talks to the RBS 2015 audience about effective brand strategies, and winning … Read More

Trust Reputation and Values (Marketplace)

Trust Reputation and Values   Global CSR Study Cone Communications and Ebiquity, Market: Global, Year: 2015 The 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study reveals one major takeaway for companies: global consumers have officially embraced corporate social responsibility – not only … Read More

Risk Management (Marketplace)

 Risk Management Employee engagement and Risk Management The Economist, Market: Global, Year: 2015 Employees are often said to be a company’s biggest resource. It is equally true that they are its biggest liability. Scarcely a week goes by without a … Read More

LOHAS and Changing Consumer Trends (Marketplace)

LOHAS and Changing Consumer Trends   Neuroplasticity describes the capacity of the human brain to “rewire” itself in response to injury and dramatically changed circumstances. This phenomenon provides a powerful metaphor for understanding how consumers continuously and fluidly adapt their behaviors in the … Read More

Reporting (Marketplace)

Reporting   Companies are facing a growing demand from different stakeholders to be more transparent about their economic, environmental and social performance: What gets measured gets managed. Stakeholders range from institutional investors, social and environmental activists, carbon traders, financial risk … Read More

Human Rights (Marketplace)

Human Rights    Creating inclusive workplaces for LGBT in India: A Resource Guide for Employers India 2012 IBM, Goldman Sachs, Google and Community Business. Market: India, Year: 2012 The publication highlights the business case for addressing the needs of Lesbian, … Read More

Leadership (Marketplace)

Leadership   “The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Albert Einstein   Harvard Professor of Education Robert Kegan argues that less than 25% of adults function … Read More

Building A Low Carbon Economy (Marketplace)

Building A Low Carbon Economy $4.1 trillion of private investment is now at work growing a greener, cleaner, knowledge-richer economy.Markets and their metrics are slowly reforming to catch up with the new realities. The Beyond GDP surveys with GlobeScan in … Read More

Ethical Investment (Marketplace)

Ethical Investment   Shareholder activism is stimulating drive towards responsible practice Market: Global, Year: 2014 Big business has rarely faced such intense scrutiny, not just from politicians, regulatory bodies and the media, but from individuals across Britain, still feeling the … Read More

Supply Chain Management (Marketplace)

 Supply Chain Management    “Sustainability is becoming a driver of business strategy for smart companies. Sustainability trends affect competitiveness, costs, regulatory risk, and market position. The companies that reduce emissions along their supply chains will capture new markets with their … Read More

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