Careers in Sustainability

Business & Sustainability Programme Online
Source: Cambridge University Market: Global , Year:2014
CISL launches an engaging new online programme to meet the needs of organisations to build capacity on sustainability at scale within their organisations. The Business & Sustainability Programme (BSP) Online provides an overview of the fundamentals of environmental and social issues and their importance to business success.
Building a Career in CSR: Strengthening Your Career With Purpose
CSR Wire. Market: USA, 2013
This article by James Temple rightly asks What aren’t we doing (as CSR and sustainability practitioners) to help connect emerging leaders with our profession? More…
Knowledge is Power: A guide to improve Enterprise Sustainability Performance with benchmarks, best practices & impact profiles
PE INTERNATIONAL. Market: Global, Year: 2013
This whitepaper is a guide for people in sustainable business that want to learn about sustainability content such as best practice libraries, performance benchmarks and impact profiles to achieve improved Enterprise Sustainability Performance.
State of the Professions Report
GreenBiz. Market: USA, Year: 2013
The GreenBiz Group’s third State of the Professions Report takes a look at the emergence of the sustainability executive and its unique role in industry. It provides background for understanding where sustainability sits within an organization, how its leaders got there, and what they are likely to be doing in the future. Defining roles in this context can be a moving target as managers and executives continue to push and expand the definition of sustainability leadership.
Winning the Talent War, for Good. A Call to Engage, Retain, and Build the Market for Top Talent in Impact Careers.
The Aspen Institute + Harvard Kennedy School, Centre for Public Leadership. Market: USA, Year: 2013
Winning the Talent War, for Good includes a range of strategies created by and for impact practitioners and young talent alike to address this challenge. In addition to underscoring the need for top talent in this field, this Aspen Institute Impact Careers Initiative (ICI) report seeks to help practitioners better understand the drivers of career choices among top talent and undertake key strategies for engaging, retaining, and building the market for the next generation of top talent in impact careers.
Creating Jobs- Cutting Pollution
Australian Conservaton Foundation & Australian Council of Trade Union. Market: Australia, Year: 2010
The report demonstrates in more detail that strong action to clean up pollution will create jobs across all regions, generating higher and cleaner living standards as well as a healthier environment as we shift to a cleaner economy.
The Social Intrapreneur: A Field Guide for Corporate Changemakers
AccountAbility. Market: UK, Year: 2008
This report presents a field guide to the world of social intrapreneurship a new breed of social entrepreneur within big business. These corporate changemakers work inside big business, often against the prevailing status quo, to innovate and deliver market solutions to some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.
Careers in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
Market: Australia, Year: 2007
A Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability career guide that provides useful information like terminology, courses, qualifications, jobsearch and careers of CSR. It also provides you with graduate profiles so that you will understand the field by hearing from the front line. CSR_CAREERS_GCA_.pdf
Career Ethics and how to choose an ethical employer.
Rosemary Sainty -Career Development Manager at the University of Sydney
Australia’s Inaugural CSR Summit, Year: 2006
Rosemary has coined the term “Career Ethics” in recognition of the fact that, just as business ethics is a growing field so is the inclusion of ethical considerations in people’s career choices. Employees are keen to pursue what they perceive to be meaningful careers with employers of choice that offer things like work/life balance, genuine career opportunities for women, integrated CSR practices including consideration of environmental, social impacts and ethical governance. These are issues for individuals of all ages but it may turn out to be our Gen Ys that drive the point home, as the war for talent heats up. Rosemary shares:

•   Research findings on the importance of an organisation’s CSR reputation on a graduate’s choice of employer.

•   An outline of the national resource Rosemary has developed: “How to Choose an Ethical Employer” now in circulation at Universities Australia wide.
Career_ethics_Rosemary Sainty

The Best Cities To Get A Job
Market: US, Year: 2006
An article ranking the largest 100 metropolitan areas in US as the best cities to get a job, according to their unemployment rates, cost of living, median household income, job growth and income growth.
Growing the Green Collar Economy: Skills and Labour Challenges in reducing our greenhouse emissions and national environmental footprint
Market: Australia, Year: 2008
This report was commissioned by Dusseldorp Skills Forum to explore the skills, innovation and workforce dimensions of the transition to a more environmentally sustainable society, with a particular focus on the challenges involved in achieving deep cuts in greenhouse emissions. The report draws on two very different types of national model to explore potential green collar employment futures: the CSIRO ASFF models, representing a technology based ‘physical economy’ approach, and the Monash University multi-regional computable general equilibrium (CGE) model, a price based ‘monetary economy’ approach. CSIROGreenJobsFinalReport_080625.pdf
Green Jobs: Towards decent work in a sustainable, low-carbon world
Market: Global, Year: 2008
Because of climate change and the need to meet emission reduction targets under the UN climate convention, investment flows are changing – flows into areas from renewable energy generation up to energy efficiency projects at the household and industrial level. Until now, there has been much anecdotal evidence for this change, and that new jobs are beginning to emerge in favor of greener, cleaner and more sustainable occupations. This report shows for the first time at global level that green jobs are being generated in some sectors and economies.