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For less than $1 a day, discover a world of knowledge, tools, inspiration and experts to help you achieve your sustainability goals including one on one mentoring and support.  It's also a great opportunity to show your customers, peers and industry your commitment to sustainable development.

As the world grows smaller, the fates of people, governments, corporations and NGOs are becoming increasingly intertwined. We are citizens of one planet, and this interdependence places an increasing responsibility on each of us not only to take ownership for our actions, but also share in our stewardship for the earth. Long-term sustainability hinges on our mutual collaboration.

Over time, we as a society have developed many bad habits, from poor design to overconsumption.  Infact the World Economic Forum estimates that 80% of the US$3.2 trillion value of the global consumer good sector is lost irrecoverably each year due to the current inefficient 'make, take, waste' model. How much is that worth to your business and or community?

Join MOSS to support your organisation discover where your opportunities lie and how to turn them in to profits. There's a plethora of powerful sustainability solutions for business, and the chance to work with your industry and the community to generate jobs.

MOSS was seeded in 2005 and established in 2006 to support individuals, business, government and community organisations through education, training, tools, networking and advice to drive economic development, sustainability and competitive business success. Since our inception MOSS has delivered over 200 events with hundreds of specialist speakers. We have hosted business delegations to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and spoken at over 200 other business, government and community events to some 30,000+ representatives of business, government and community in Europe and the Asia Pacific Region. It has also assisted the commercialisation of new technology to assist the transition to a low carbon economy. So how can we assist you?

Our Vision

Vibrant, healthy, prosperous, thriving communities living in harmoney with eachother and nature that value and harness innovation, entrepreneurship, eco-systems, sustainability and social justice - with zero waste, powered by renewable energy.

Our Goals

  • To help 
you make the best decisions for your business, community and or collective stakeholders - ensuring your social licence to operate.
  • To support business, government and community organisations through education, training, tools, networking and advice to drive sustainability and competitive business success.
  • To help business improve productivity, motivate and engage all stakeholders including employees to achieve their sustainability goals.
  • To provide strategic guidance to Boards and C-Suit Managers, Sustainability Consultants and Busienss Advisors so they can build resilience and future proof their businesses.
  • To provide a new kind of business intelligence that helps you manage your energy, carbon and environmental performance. With powerful data management and the right decision making support tools, organisations can increase eficiency, reduce costs and deliver sustainable outcomes that transform business ultimately achieving zero waste and zero harm.
  • To help organisations embed sustainability into every aspect of their buisness, so it become part of their DNA.

As a MOSS member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A rich storehouse of knowledge, guidance and experience in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability.
  • Exclusive access to over 1000 videos, podcasts, reports and case studies that build the business case along with models and tools that fuel professional education and training.  Our knowledge centre is a one stop shop that can save you hours when doing industry research/study.
  • A membership certificate (and logo for use on your emails and or website) to showcase your membership proudly and let your clients know you are a sustainability champion.
  • Sharing of strategies, case studies and methodologies to help organisations set and achieve environmental, social and economic success.
  • Discounts to all MOSS events along with free recruitment advertising.
  • Valuable networking and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.
  • Where required networking and educational events along with leadership forums and round table discussions to address member or industry issues.
  • One on One support and or mentoring from Sustainability and Blue Economy Innovator Anne-Maree McInerney.
  • Quarterly online discussion forums for members, to support and encourage peer to peer learing and discussion, keeping you up to date on issues.

Why do companies join MOSS?

  • We add value and help individuals and companies prosper.
  • We give you 24/7 access to resources to help 
you make the best sustainability decisions for your organisation.
  • We provide practical education, know-how, world's best practice and thought leadership on sustainable business practices, CSR and energy efficiency in a safe, non-competitive, non judgemental environment.
  • We aim to ensure all attendees at events either learn or contribute something of value to others.
  • We empower organisations by providing them the tools, frameworks, contacts and stragegic guidance they need to build their own sustainability roadmap.
  • We are collaborative and inclusive. We don't have to own all the ideas, programs or tools - our job is to showcase the best there is on offer!
  • We provide measurable "real good" - not just feel good outcomes.
  • To promote their commitment to sustainability and to network with industry peers.
  • We provide a network that supports personal and professional growth.
  • Because it's a great place to cross fertilise ideas and incubate new ones.

Member Categories

Individual NFP Professional Membership
$220pa allows for one only member within NFP or Charity organisations and 30 mins one on one mentoring and or support when required.

Non Profit/Charity Membership
$550pa allows for membership for all staff working in the organisation and 1 hour of mentoring and or support as required throughout the year.

$110pa allows for membership for an individual who is a full time student.

Individual Small Business Professional (Under 10 Employees) Membership
$250pa allows for membership for one only employee - within a small business of less than 10 employees with 30 minutes one on one mentoring or support throughout the year.

Small Business Professional (Under 10 Employees) Membership
$660pa allows for membership of all employees working in a small business of under 10 Employees and 1 hour of mentoring or one on one support through the year. The business is also featured in our newsletter, on our directory and for at least one month in the industry news segment of our website.

Individual GovernmentProfessional
$330pa allows for one membership within the organisation and 1 hour mentoring or support throughout the year.

Government Agency or Department
$770 allows for up to 3 agency personnel and or executives.  This includes 2 hours support and or mentoring throughout the year.

Individual Corporate
$400pa allows for membership of one staff member working within a corporation.  This includes 1 hour support and or mentoring throughout the year.

Company Membership
$990pa provides for exchangeable membership for up to 3 company executives and 3 hours mentoring or support through the year. The business is also featured in our newsletter, on our directory and for at least one month in the industry news segment on our website.

Gold Membership
$11,000pa provides for exchangeable membership for all executives and company personnel right across the the organisation.  Ideal for companies with green teams and who are actively working to educate their staff on all matters relating to economic, social and environmental sustainability.  Also includes a full day annual health check up and strategy workshop for Senior Managers plus 2 hours of private mentoring / support a month, and attendance for two executives at all workshops offered during the year.



Platinum and Industry Development Partnership packages are available upon application. Prices are inclusive of 10% GST.

Tax invoice receipts and details of your membership including how you can obtain your Resource/Knowledge Centre password will be issued upon receipt of membership application and payment.