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Whilst some economists, environmentalists and marketers continue to debate the best way to get society to change behaviours as we adapt to a low carbon economy, many particularly in Europe and the US have already moved the debate from theory to action with outstanding success by using a proven set of 9 principles.

If you'd like to learn new tools including the 9 Global Principles of How to Communicate Sustainability that's driving much of this success so you can achieve exponential results in 2018 - we'd love to share them with you in our 2 day "How to Communicate Sustainability MasterClass".

SYDNEY: Jan 18 & 19 @ Interface


- Create engagement programs that kick ass and get results beyond your wildest dreams
- Get greater CEO, CFO and Board support
- Gain cut-through and see immediate results
- Have FUN in your job by making sustainability so desirable everyone wants to participate
- Find solutions to your nagging problems
- Know when and where to use pain points, facts and stats
- Manage or prevent CSR related boycotts or protests
- Understand your stakeholder desires and how to address them
- Save thousands of dollars in time, money and resources
- Discover the latest thought leadership and trends including Blue and Circular Economy, Behavioural Economics, Integrated Reporting, Social Media, SDG's and how storytelling, gamification, AI and other technologies get exponential results
- Turn theory into practice
- Work ON not in your business for a change with important peer evaluation and contribution
- Build a hero brand and a new network of peers to support your ongoing programs

This MasterClass has been developed by and will be facilitated by Anne-Maree McInerney MOSS Founder and CEO who was the only Australian representative on the global team in Copenhagen who developed the "Global Principles of how to Communicate Sustainability". Anne-Maree has an extensive marketing background having worked in media, the NFP sector, for major events and the private sector. As part of this she held Director/GM Roles in marketing and PR agencies before establishing MOSS in 2006.

Anne-Maree is joined by Aidan Mullan, the National Sustainability Manager for Interface, Jamie Engeland Heather Porter.

Jamie Engel is a former Hollywood animator and script writer, who today specializes in corporate education platforms, entrepreneurship, exponential technologies and storytelling. He's written curriculum for tertiary institutions and corporations on Storytelling...Storytelling to Inspire and Lead Teams - Storytelling for UX and Product Development - Brand Storytelling: Connecting to your customers and how to engage, captivate and inspire - Storytelling for Presentations and Pitching: How to engage, captivate and Inspire. His  greatest gift however is getting people excited to learn and motivated to discover hidden capabilities (and superpowers) within themselves.

Heather Porter got her start managing events globally for some of the world's top speakers such as Tony Robbins. In 2006 she Co-Founded the Billionaire Adventure Club where she connected entrepreneurs to non-profits and social enterprises including the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship and delivered projects such as a new school in Peru, sharing of global networks and resources for street kids in Cambodia and a training seminar in South Africa for aspiring young local entrepreneurs. When the speakers she worked with wanted to engage with their tribes online - her first big digital project was building a membership site in 2008 that attracted 18,000 members when it launched. Due to the demand for others wanting online presence, she then co-founded the digital marketing agency Autopilot Your Business and today runs Digital Voice, a website development and consultancy company for businesses who want to change the world through their message, products and services.

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This is a very rare opportunity that is guaranteed to embolden, inspire and challenge the way to think about communicating change, as well as give you the practical tools to kickass in 2018, so don't delay - book your spot today!

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