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Do you want a piece of a $12 trillion business opportunity?

The Sustainable Development Goals are a $12 trillion opportunity for the private sector. Project Drawdown has identified savings of $74 trillion in costs avoided in shifting to an economy that consumes greenhouse gases within 30 years.

Are you ready to be part of it?

Do you know how to engage your board, employees, government agencies, local communities, supply chain and or customers to get their buy in and or support?

For too long business and government have failed to recognise the exciting innovation and business development opportunities of sustainable development - so they have failed in engaging their stakeholders. Their CSR and or sustainability goals are buried in a fog of compliance, obligation and assumed expense.

Without the right language, compelling offers, powerful connections and big vision, even passionate, expert sustainability advocates can lack the skills and knowledge to inspire and engage.

Whether you want to start a movement, reset strategy, or tap into the SDG's $12T of business opportunity, make sure that in 2018 you work SMARTER - not just harder.

Join MOSS next week (Feb 14 and 15) in Sydney for a 2 day intensive SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY, ENGAGEMENT and COMMUNICATIONS MasterClass to be grounded in the latest on communications technology and leading edge sustainability success.

It's a brilliant way to equip and energise yourself to achieve exponential results in 2018 and beyond.

Discover new and inspirational case studies, storytelling tips and techniques, sustainability trends and challenges, the importance of purpose, a simple 4 step narrative and the 9 Principles of Communicating Sustainability that are driving global success (which we helped develop) - and much much more.

This immersive and intimate hands-on MasterClass will revolutionise how you LIVE and COMMUNICATE sustainability. It will also give you the practical tools you need to make your organisation or brand a force for positive change in the world. And the bonus is that the communications skills you learn will increase your overall productivity and success.

We promise to DELIGHT, INSPIRE your, REVOLUTIONISE the way you think about communicating sustainability and then ENABLE you to make the difference you dream of making!

Check out the program, testimonials, speaker bios and pricing HERE and BRING A FRIEND for FREE as we share the love this Valentines Day with a buy one get one free offer.  Bring a colleague, a client or even a not for profit partner!

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