Thanks so much for joining us yesterday for the MOSS COP 15 Briefing hosted by Statewide Superannuation in Adelaide.  It is very difficult to give an indepth overview of a two week event in less than 2 hours, but hope through the presentations delivered and the references below it gives you a much greater insight into some of the international leadership either via subnational governments and or the business community being provided in lieu of a binding international agreement, and what that all means to you, your business, your community and your family.

For those that did not manage to fill in a feedback form, if you have a minute, we’d love to hear from you. You can download the form here and return it to us at once completed.

As promised here’s a copy of my Power Point presentation, and other reference documents.

Anne-Maree Huxley, CEO MOSS – Power Point with references.

The paper Tim O’Laughlin referred to Climatico can be found at 

Other references you may find of assistance from other speakers in our series are as follows:

Jennifer Hughes, Special Counsel, DLA Phillips Fox Power Point
Tanya Harris, Category Manager, Supply Chain CSR Media & Marketing, Corporate Procurement  OPTUS Speaker Notes and references
Amy Kean – General Manager Pointpoint Earth Notes on why Copenhagen was not a failure and tips for business
Alerts from Copenhagen from Minter Ellison
Presentation from EcoFund Qld on renewable energy and REDD can be downloaded here.

You can also reference notes from UNFCCC Secretary General Yvo de Boer’s first press conference of the year here or download the podcast of the press conference where  Yvo de Boer spoke for the first time since Copenhagen at You can also download podcasts from COP 15 and read all the latest news such as the regisnation of Yvo de Boer at

Download REDD draft decisions here.  If you want to hear stories of how ecosystem restoration is lifing people from poverty, stablizes the climate and supports sustainable agriculture refer

Copenhagen Accord details can be found here.

Press Release from IETA International Emissions Trading Scheme on the washup of COP can be downloaded here.

Notes from Vandantix on the business implications of the Copenhagen Accord.

Obama’s State of the Union address can be found at start it at 6.51mins on this utube clip.

And last but not least, here is a list of attendees from the event, and if you would like more information about MOSS Membership, refer: here or  Please note membership prices will all go up in the next few weeks, so you may want to get in now and save.

We trust these references will aid discussion and strategic planning within your organisation.  If you use any of these presentations and or reports when sharing information with peers and or student, we ask that you please reference the source.

If we can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct.  I look forward to coming back to SA after Easter to both showcase the Sustainabilty Challenge and discuss the formation of a stakeholder group for MOSS for SA so SA gets the same advantages as the rest of the country.  If you’d like to be part of this meeting, do let me know.

Best regards
Anne-Maree, Tim, Suzanne and Con