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For more than a decade, I've taken policy, thought leadership and best practice in sustainability and turned it into education and training programs. But it's not enough. It's time to learn how to LIVE sustainably, open up our intuition, be more engaging and adaptive - so I'm taking our programs to a whole new level.

Join me as I lead a 5 day Sustainability Leadership Program on Fraser Island exploring how to live and work sustainably from the inside out.  And if you live in the Eastern States - it's a great chance to thaw out - its sunny and a balmy 26 degrees there today - perfect conditions to learn new skills and to get your self balanced and refreshed so you can ensure your 2018 goals are meet and or exceeded.

Many people today who work in sustainability or who own their own businesses are burning themselves out. Many have become bored, stale and or disillusioned. Others who are just starting their business or sustainability journey are looking for tools, know how and innovation to guide them - so join me to discover tools and a framework that will support you and your organisation to THRIVE!

As part of our specially designed five day LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, you will:

  • Be inspired and awakened by the latest global trends (good and bad), best practice case studies and innovation.
  • See firsthand how a business can live in harmony with nature and the environment.
  • Visit a poo farm and discover the secrets to achieving zero waste.
  • Discover the opportunities of new economic models such as the Blue and Circular Economy.
  • How to build and to maintain a social licence to operate in an era of activism, fake news and outrage.
  • Discover how to activate more agility and adaptive thinking so businesses can flourish and cut through age old barriers.
  • Learn how to map forward flows and do what nature does best - adapt.
  • The what, the why and the how to engage stakeholders to achieve your goals.
  • Learn a simple 4 step process to articulate a new narrative.
  • Renew and reinvigorate your relationship with self and others and discover new sources of funding for initiatives.
  • Refocus and rejuvenate your goals, strategy, and enthusiasm for your personal and professional sustainability journey.
  • Have a rare chance to work on your business not in your business to discover hidden treasures and resources.
  • Discover the 9 global principles of how to effectively engage stakeholders and communicate sustainability.
  • Discover how mindfulness and or connecting with nature can enhance your intuition and productivity.
  • Swim with humpback whales and discover how communing with nature can shape your purpose, your business, and how you live your life.
  • Learn how to problem solve and unleash creativity - and much much more!

You will also take home a copy of "The Blue Economy" Report to the Club of Rome that outlines how 100 Innovations inspired by nature with zero waste, are set to achieve 100 million new jobs in 10 years; a plethora of life changing experiences as well as a workbook of notes and handouts.

You will learn from global leaders, your peers and nature. Each day there is a mix of theory and practice. Your class room will be the great outdoors and one of most loved eco businesses in Australia - Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Who should attend: This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in improving their economic, social and environmental performance - especially business owners and managers, sustainability managers and business advisors.

When and Where: Monday 3rd September - Friday Sept 7th October, 2018 @ Kingfisher Bay Resort and Hotel, Fraser Island, Queensland.

Price: $4,450 twin share $4,850 single supplement.

Price includes: All meals (including a 5 course Australian Bush Foods degustation experience and accompanying beer/wine), 4 nights accommodation, ferry transfers to and from Hervey Bay, whale watching and swim, 5 day leadership program, copy of "The Blue Economy", workbook, online resource and checklists.

Value: Expect to dramatically increase revenues, get greater uptake of your innovation and sustainability programs, as well as understand what it takes to maintain and strengthen your social licence to operate. Best of all you get to go back to work refreshed - with less stress, greater motivation and a road map.

Swim with humpback whales, dance with dingoes and dine under the stars in what will truly be one of the best sustainability leadership, strategy and communications workshops ever hosted in Australia.

To maximise learning outcomes, this workshop is for 10 only participants - so provide an expression of interest or book today to avoid disappointment.

About your workshop facilitator: I have has been delivering Sustainability education, training and thought leadership for more than a decade. I am honoured to be acknowledged as one of the top 100 Global SustainAbility Leaders, one of Al Gore's Climate Leaders, one of a handful of Sustainability Advisors who specialise in the Blue and Circular Economy worldwide and to be a recipient of the Pride of Australia Environmental Medal.  I am also a nature and animal lover who is dedicated to making the world a better place. More...

Learn more about Kingfisher Bay Resort and Fraser Island click here.

I look forward to you joining me on Fraser Island September 3 - 7, 2018.
Anne-Maree McInerney
MOSS Founder and CEO