The sustainability challenges facing us all are complex.

To respond effectively, we need to move beyond the current thinking that created these challenges. We need to innovate - to develop new ways to effect positive change that address the complex issues of our time, realising the opportunities inherent within them.

Whether it's the desire to grow shareholder value, improve damaged reputations, the high cost of absenteeism or low productivity due to overworked and stressed employees, costly product recalls, spills and contamination from non-sustainable sources, human rights violations, the high turnover of trained staff unable to achieve work/life balance or the high cost of remedial education when the current system produces an under-educated workforce, poverty, hunger, climate change, homelessness, increased levels of crime and suicide, AIDS, obesity, diabetes, heart disease or cancer, we need to individually and collectively have the will to take responsibility and find solutions.

We acknowledge that no one sector - public, private or civil has the responsibility or capability to effect lasting meaningful change on their own. The CSR Summit however, run for the industry by the industry, is a forum where all can all come together to share best practice, policy and case studies, to debate the issues, challenge the status quo, build closer relationships and connections between leading and emerging thinkers in the CSR space, and to think about breakthrough projects that will enhance the triple bottom line to deliver profits and a competitive edge.

In 2006, we invited CEO's and Company Directors, Industry Leaders, Senior Managers, Researchers, Business Analysts and General Business Consultants, Media, Government and Community leaders, to join with us for Australia's 2nd CSR Summit. And although it's now many years later, it's still equally relevant and as such we encourage you to view the presentations and listen to the debate, between leading and emerging thinkers in the CSR space, and to take the time to think about your own breakthrough projects that will enhance your own triple bottom line.

The theme is Delivering Profits and Competitive Edge. Over 30 of Australia's leading thinkers: company directors, academics and practitioners share how to find the gold within CSR - how to develop programs that will raise levels of thinking to provide breakthrough programs to deliver better, stronger, more robust and profitable organisations. We will also debate with all stakeholders the future of CSR within Australia.

Our aim is that all Summit delegates, be they large multi-nationals or small business, will gain such value from viewing/listening to these presentations, that they find themselves thinking and acting ahead of their competitors and reaping the rewards - turning challenge into opportunity. And ultimately, that individually and collectively, we grow Australian business into global leaders in corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability, making us more competitive in the new global economy.

The program includes a CEO - Company Director - Industry Leader Forum and cocktail party; a two day general plenary forum that covers all aspects of CSR (to help Senior Managers and employees with CSR responsibilities, to broaden their understanding of what CSR is and how it can be applied across all aspects of one's business), an exhibition and dinner, along with a field day filled with hands on activities and workshops to upskill managers and practitioners in their area of speciality.

In 2005, some 380 delegates from across all sectors within Australia gained great value from their participation. Many moved from bolt on programs to integrating CSR into business strategy. Some have developed global programs for change, whilst others gained the confidence and knowledge to start their journey to sustainability. What ever your interest or trigger - be it risk management, learning how to innovate and maximise opportunities, reputation enhancement, the opportunity to develop programs for good, how to engage staff, reduce waste or your desire to learn more about benchmarking and reporting - we encourage your participation.

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2006 CSR Summit

Presented by MOSS and hosted by Anne-Maree Huxley, Australia Second Corporate Social Responsibility Summit was delivered in Sydney at Luna Park from November 24 - November 26 in 2006.  Over 30 of Australia's thought leaders presented presentations and workshops as part of this event.

The theme was "CSR delivering profits and competitive edge".

Here's an array of podcasts and presentations for your learning and enjoyment. Many timeless and as relevant today as they were in 2006 so enjoy.

What brings us here? The business case and why CSR is important to Australians. Opening Address by MOSS Founder and CEO Anne-Maree Huxley.
Podcast: Opening Address
PDF only: Opening Address

How to create a strong, profitable, globally competitive company that delivers strategic business imperatives whilst being responsible to its collective stakeholders including its shareholders!
Margot Cairnes - Founder and Chairman of Zaffyre International
Strategically driven leadership grounded in chaos and systems theories can result in unprecedented outcomes. And who better than Margot Cairnes one of the Greatest Minds of the 21st Century, a leading practitioner of organisational transformation for the past twenty years and founder and chairman of Zaffyre International, to share how to build a strong, profitable and robust company based on responsible business principles that can positively impact the broader community, whilst delivering strategic business imperatives. Margot challenges top level executives to proactively seek transformation that is lasting, profound and the precursor to quantum growth. Margot and her team at Zaffyre work with boards and CEOs to deliver programs that raise levels of thin and provides breakthrough strategic solutions to deliver results.

Margot has authored more than 400 articles and 5 books. To order a copy of any of Margot's books download this order form.
Podcast: Margot_Cairnes__How_To_Create_A_Sustainable_Profitable_Globally_Competitive_Company
PDF only: CSR Speech

Ethics, values and corporate governance.
Professor Stephen Bartos - University of Canberra, Director of the National Institute for Governance
 shares key learning's from the Australian Wheat Board and its recent Oil for Food scandal and how good governance is at the heart of corporate social responsibility. Professor Bartos Author of "Against the Grain" released by UNSW press) on the AWB scandal - so his presentation pulled no punches in terms of what he sees as failings of both the Government and the AWB.
Podcast: Stephen_Bartos-_Ethics_Values_And_Corporate_Governance
PDF only: Ethics, values and corporate governance

Risk insurance for the 21st century. How CSR through ethics, values, good corporate governance and environmental management can keep companies ahead of the game and out of harms way.
Introduced and facilitated by Dr Stephen Cohen, School of Philosophy - University of NSW and Past President of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics. Other speakers include:
Professor Stephen Bartos - Director National Institute for Governance, University of Canberra.
Dr Attracta Lagan - Principal Managing Values.
Andrew Beatty - Partner Baker and McKenzie.
Podcast: Cohen_Beatty_Lagan_Bartos-_Risk_Insurance_In_The_21st_Century
PDF only: Risk_Insurance_in_21st_Century-_Andrew_Beatty

CSR, Reputation and Change - What Stakeholders Expect of Australian Business.
Kylea Tink - MD Sydney Edelman International

Change is a constant and increasing in pace. There are many reasons for this, including; globalisation, erosion of trust, rise of consumerism, advances in science and technology, convergence of technology and media, and dispersion and immediacy of media, as well as the demand for increased corporate social responsibility. But, regardless of the cause, it means a shift is needed in the way organisations interact with their stakeholders.

Kylea shows how managing perceptions as drivers of corporate reputation is no longer enough. Managing relationships with key stakeholder groups, based on trust, transparency of information access and mutual commitment, is now the key to successful corporate reputation and planned business outcomes. Information is key to this strategy. This presentation outlines what these expectations are among international, Asian and Australian stakeholders, how they are changing, what business should be thinking about as a consequence and the interrelationship between reputation, trust, CSR and stakeholder relationship management.
Podcast: CSR, Reputation and Change
PDF only: CSR, Reputation and Change

Corporate Governance and CSR in Indigenous Communities. 
Australia is rapidly loosing the knowledge of one of the oldest and most important cultures on earth, its Indigenous people. In this session, Jennifer Field - Founder of Cultural Mapping (who has been mentored and instructed by Elders and Cultural Leaders for 15 years) and Christopher Kirkbright -Indigenous Australian, Lawyer, linguist, university lecturer, trainer and business consultant share how and why Corporate Governance is different in Indigenous Communities and why CSR is an opportunity to contribute to the safe guarding of a storehouse of Ancient knowledge; that is at risk of being lost.

Cadbury's Clown Doctors share their story....
Cadbury's Clown Doctors

Learn how investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees can and will dramatically impact the bottom line.
Ellen Flint - Founder See-Change, Community Speaker and Author

Swagata Bapat - Manager Training and Development, ORYGEN Youth Health
Jennifer Jefferies - International speaker, naturopath and author of an array of books including "7 Steps to Sanity" Sanity Savers - Tips for Work Life Balance." 

In this segment we explore how to recognise and manage depression in the workforce - a growing and disturbing disability that affects one in 5 Australians. We also explore how 7 simple steps will keep you and your employees sane.

CSR is coming of age in Australia and with this maturity comes the need for more products, services and initiatives to support its growth.
Last years Inaugural CSR Summit seeded two new Australian initiatives to assist this growth - The One at a Time Foundation and Models of Success & Sustainability (also known as MOSS). Join MOSS Founder and CSR Summit Director Anne-Maree Huxley and One at a Time Co-Founder Amanda Little to learn how they will provide business, government and community leadership and education as a catalyst toward sustainable development - reducing society's ecological foot print and building capacity to help restore human and natural capital.

How leading international brands are delivering profits and competitive edge through integrating CSR into the brand.
Sarah Clarry - CSR & Communications Manager Unilever Australasia

Multinational Unilever Australasia will share how they are profiting through CSR and why CSR drives their brands giving examples such as the Dove Self-Esteem Fund and the BodyThink workshops; Bushells Community Cash and Bushells Driver Reviver, OMO Dirt is Good and the Flora pro.activ Heart Health platform.
Podcast: Sarah Clarry -Future of CSR
PDF only: Sarah Clarry -Future of CSR

What is a reputation really worth?
Dr Vincent Grillo -Director Client Services at TNS

Dr Vincent Grillo shares findings of a TNS study which reveals that corporate reputation influences the value of companies as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the share price of their stocks. Moreover the study found that corporate character attributes like Trustworthiness and Ethical Business Practices impact reputation to the same degree as Product Quality or Customer Satisfaction.
Podcast: Grillo What is a reputation really worth?
PDF only: What is a reputation really worth?

Career Ethics and how to choose an ethical employer.
Rosemary Sainty -Career Development Manager at the University of Sydney

Rosemary has coined the term "Career Ethics" in recognition of the fact that, just as business ethics is a growing field so is the inclusion of ethical considerations in people's career choices. Employees are keen to pursue what they perceive to be meaningful careers with employers of choice that offer things like work/life balance, genuine career opportunities for women, integrated CSR practices including consideration of environmental, social impacts and ethical governance. These are issues for individuals of all ages but it may turn out to be our Gen Ys that drive the point home, as the war for talent heats up. Rosemary shares:

  • Research findings on the importance of an organisation's CSR reputation on a graduate's choice of employer.
  • An outline of the national resource Rosemary has developed: "How to Choose an Ethical Employer" now in circulation at Universities Australia wide.
    Podcast: Career_ethics_Rosemary Sainty
    PDF only: Career_ethics_Rosemary Sainty

How to build organisational performance, deliver customer retention and impact the bottom line by engaging your greatest asset - your employees! 
Dr Peter Langford - Voice Project, Macquarie University shares ground-breaking research examining the impact of strong social purpose on employee engagement and organisational performance.
Siobhan McHale - Occupational Psychologist and culture change specialist, Head of Breakout and Cultural Transformation ANZ, shares how ANZ values along with changing behaviours, mindsets and processes concurrently has enabled ANZ to achieve the highest staff engagement score of any large organisation in Australia & NZ - a very different picture to the 49% staff satisfaction result achieved by the bank in 2000.
Frances Feenstra - Director of Performance Improvement People PricewaterhouseCoopers shares how employee engagement delivers customer retention, operating margin and revenue growth.

Do companies want to be remembered for making a buck or making a difference? Whose role is responsible consumption? Is it the consumer or the marketer?
Michael Kiely - Editor of Marketing Magazine challenges the status quo of marketing. Do marketers really want to be remembered for selling lots of stuff that people didn't really need or want, or would they be best served engaging consumers - bringing them into the inner sanctum to help them to develop products that they want and need without harming us or the planet?
Podcast: Michael Kiely - Responsible consumption
PDF only: Dharma_karma_marketing.pdf

How intimately understanding stakeholders and their values can build global companies.
Harry Hodge - Founder and Chairman Quicksilver Europe, Exec Advisor Quicksilver Inc, Director Quicksilver Foundation and SurfAID International, Chairman Better Energy Systems Inc
Learn how former journalist and surfing enthusiast Australian Harry Hodge moved to the south west of France in 1984 to establish Quiksilver Europe. By matching his stakeholders values and caring for their communities, Harry created surf industry history by growing his company from one million dollars in 1984 to over $500 million in 2005. Today Harry lives back in Australia on Sydney's northern beaches and divides his time between Australia, Europe and the USA acting as an Executive Advisor to Quiksilver and as a Director of the Quiksilver Foundation. He is also Chairman of Better Energy Systems, producers of solar energy products and is a Director of Surfaid International, the surf industries leading humanitarian organisation - their initiatives include: The Quiksilver Foundation, Surfaid International, United Nations Reef Check, Keep Abreast, The Sumba Foundation, the Surfrider Foundation
Podcast: Harry Hodge-stakeholders values
PDF only: Harry Hodge-stakeholders values

Can Australia really lead the world in sustainable development? Multi-stakeholder partnerships are developing and delivering knowledge based solutions enabling Australian communities to realise sustainable social, economic and environmental vitality.
Sean Rooney - Director of CSIRO's Sustainable Communities
David Trewin - Manager Business Partnerships - Dept of Environment and Conservation NSW.

Here we learn how two leading government departments - the CSIRO and the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation are playing a lead role in how business and community can join with them to engage stakeholders and enhance performance - delivering a more sustainable, globally competitive nation.
Podcast: Sean Rooney - Multi-stakeholder partnerships
PDF only: Sean Rooney - Multi-stakeholder partnerships
Podcast: David Trewin -Multi-stakeholder partnerships
PDF only: David Trewin -Multi-stakeholder partnerships



As the impact of climate change is felt world-wide, consumers become less trustworthy of big business and more environmentally savvy and discerning. We share the thoughts and philosophies of diverse leading organisations on how and why the environment and sustainability should be at the heart of business strategy or at the top of the to do list!
Liz Wild - Partner Environmental Group Phillips Fox.
Robi George - Ricoh Australia Business Excellence Manager.
Amanda Little - Founder One at a Time Foundation.
Charles Berger - Aust Conservation Foundation Legal Adviser.
Podcast: How and why the environment and sustainability should be at the heart of business strategy or at the top of the to do list
PDF only: Amanda Little
PDF only: Robi George

The future of CSR in Australia.
Senator Grant Chapman - Chair of the PJC on Corporations and Financial Services
Andrew Peterson - Leader of the Environmental Law Group at PWC Legal
Word doc. only: Senator Grant Chapman
PDF only: The future of CSR in Australia. Andrew Peterson

Building Sustainable Communities through Partnerships and Volunteering.
Learn first hand what Community Partnerships in Action is all about. Russell Workman - Manager, Social Enterprise Initiatives, The Oasis Youth Support Network and some of his corporate partners, share details of the Salvation Army's Oasis Youth Support Network exploring the benefits and complexities of engaging a not for profit or community partnership.
Russell_Workman Oasis presentation

Learn how all levels of Australian Government, business, all major Australian Universities, CRCs and the CSIRO are building a framework for establishing a Green Economy' at Sydney Olympic Park.
Con Lambous - Manager Environment Sydney Olympic Park Authority

This includes the creation of business clusters for:

  • Sustainable design and development
  • Government partnerships
  • Research: CRC's, Centres of Excellence & R&D
  • Sustainable business / industry
  • Education: primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational education and training
  • Ecotourism

The successful delivery of a 'Green Economy' at Sydney Olympic Park will see the precinct established as a national destination for sustainable industries, businesses, research institutions, environmental organisations and government agencies which share the same aspirations for innovation and creative thinking to realise a more sustainable future.
a Green Economy' at Sydney Olympic Park