TURNING WASTE INTO TASTE - Discover the Blue Economy Innovation of Growing Mushrooms on Coffee (and other waste materials).

5 Day Residential Program @ EkofungiSchool in the beautiful historic city of Belgrade, Serbia.
23 -30 Sept, 2018

With the right knowledge, a solid customer base, 2.5 staff, a delivery vehicle, and a mushroom yield of 50kg's a day, you could earn yourself in excess of $300,000 per annum.
Mushroom production is the only viable, socially-acceptable, and wide-spread biotechnology to convert waste into high-quality food - and where the waste of production can then be turned into valuable high protein fodder for livestock.

System Ekofungi in Belgrade Serbia, are Blue Economy mushroom growing experts who have pioneered innovative mushroom growing techniques like how to grow mushrooms on coffee and other forms of waste - to empower People-Planet-Profit-minded entrepreneurs.

Farming from waste
Mushroom farming on waste is a Blue Economy innovation that has been established around the world as a means of recycling a variety of natural waste products such as coffee grounds, brewing residues, apple branches, water hyacinth biomass, salt cedar biomass, pineapple residues, banana leaves and weeds biomass. Together with sustainability visionary Gunter Pauli, Ekofungi School's Ivanka Milenkovic and Dr. Milan Adamovic have established mushroom-from-waste- projects around the world and continue to provide education and expertise for entrepreneurs developing farm-from-waste businesses.

If you are interested in growing mushrooms, it's our great pleasure as Blue Economy Experts to invite you to join Mycologist Ivanka Milenkovic and the team at EkofungiSchool in Serbia for a 5 day residential program that shares the secrets of farming mushrooms on waste products (such as coffee grounds) and the fundamentals to building a profitable, sustainable and rewarding business.

This is a must attend workshop for entrepreneurs and farmers who wish to diversify, as well as restaurateurs and communities interested in local food security.

Price: Total price per person = ?1,950 and includes:

5 days of workshops and lectures
Take home package of useful items
3 hours follow-up support via Skype
Airport transfers
6 nights accommodation
5 days meals and refreshments
For a detailed program, testimonials and registration refer: {Link www.ekofungischool.com}

If you are interested in turning waste into taste but can not join a workshop - remote bespoke training and mentoring can be delivered via Skype/webinar. Email {email mushrooms@moss.org.au} for more details.
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